PREDICTIONS JULY 2022 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

PREDICTIONS JULY 2022 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of July 2022, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions.




Health – Take proper care of your health and exercise regularly. Performing charity would be helpful.

Relationship – Love and care seems to be strong but you would yearn for more. Maintain respect in relations.

Career – Little tough period is expected and you need to struggle hard to achieve your targets. But do not give up as this gonna be a temporary phase.

Finance – New projects, investments, funds, gains are on your way. Right time for investments.

Tarot message – Be positive and utilize your inner strength.

Lucky colorsYellow, Blue

Lucky Nos 1, 6


Aquarius :

Health – Be careful as you might get affected with knee or lung infection. Also visit to a dentist is indicated.

Relationship – Love life would be stable but you would yearn for more. Just move with the flow.

Career – At work place some good news is indicated through a lady. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Finance – Invest wisely. Do not sign any documents without going through its terms and conditions.

Tarot message – Don’t take hasty decisions as your views and opinion might differ from others.

Lucky colors – Purple, Brown

Lucky Nos – 3, 4


Pisces :

Health – Your positive thinking and energies would help you to come out from your mental stress. Spend more time with your family and friends.

Relationship – The matter may turn into arguments and conflict at any time. Have patience, not the right time to take any decision.

Career – Work related travel is indicated. Be alert and have patience as conflict with your boss or colleague is also indicated.

Finance – Unexpected bad news is indicated with regards to bad debts, loses or theft. Be careful with money.

Tarot message – Have patience as stars gonna move in a better direction soon…!!

Lucky colors – Green, Black

Lucky Nos – 7, 8


Aries :

Health – Drastic improvement in your health is indicated. Also pregnancy is expected in the family.

Relationship – A good fortune is indicated in your love life pertaining to engagement, marriage or a birth of a baby in the family.

Career – You might face two opposing forces creating imbalance in your career. Utilize your positive energies to think in the right direction.

Finance – Finances would be stable. Money would be spent on renovating the house or the work place.

Tarot message – Once you make a commitment then just go for it.

Lucky colors – Red, White, Mauve

Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 3


Taurus :

Health – To maintain good health, proper diet and regular exercise has to be followed.

Relationship – Caring, sharing, romantic gifts, giving and receiving of love in a supportive relationship is indicated.

Career – You are likely to get a helping hand and support in your difficult times. A good work offer from a known person or from your past employer is indicated.

Finance – Focus will be on resolving certain financial and legal issues. Need to seek professional advice and guidance before taking any major step.

Tarot message – Before taking any decision, think twice & then act wise.

Lucky colors – Green, Pink

Lucky Nos – 5, 6


Gemini :

Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which might turn into major later on. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.

Relationship – Do not give up on your relations as renewal period is indicated.

Career – New opportunities and new projects are indicated. Just don’t forget to go through its terms and conditions.

Finance – Finances would be stable. Money would also be spent on a small vacation.

Tarot message  – Give some time to yourself and beware of any addictions.

Lucky colors – Golden, Grey

Lucky Nos – 4, 8



Health – Pay attention to your health as physical and mental issues both are indicated.

Relationship – New contact or friendship would develop and this will grow into a steady relationship. Marriage is also on the cards.

Career – Don’t share your secrets with anyone and be careful while signing any contract or document as cheat is indicated.

Finance – Money would be spent on socializing, shopping and travelling.

Tarot message – You need to take special effort and concentration to use the opportunity to your advantage.  

Lucky colors – Offwhite, Orange

Lucky Nos – 6, 9


Leo :

Health – Drastic improvement in health as test reports shall be positive. Pregnancy is also indicated in the family.

Relationship – Endings and new beginnings in relationships are expected. This experience may be difficult, painful and unavoidable but it is likely to make way for new opportunities in the future.

Career – Unexpecting bad news or false blame is indicated. Your job might be at risk. Be careful.

Finance – There is no point pouring more money, time and energy into a project that is heading in the wrong direction.

Tarot message – Running away from situations could only create scandals. Just keep that in mind ..!!

Lucky colors – Yellow, Cream, Pink

Lucky Nos – 4, 6, 7


Virgo :

Health – Bad dreams and insecurity could spoil your health. Meditation or yoga is a must.

Relationship – Would be unstable due to lack of freedom. Need some space, put your best efforts to bring it back on a right track.

Career – Use intelligence and knowledge to your advantage and make rapid progress at work.

Finance – Be careful while signing any financial documents. Business partnership is not advisable.

Tarot message – Draw a thick line between your professional and personal life.

Lucky colors – Violet, Blue

Lucky Nos – 3, 6


Libra :

Health – Utilize positive energies that can release you from health issues, past difficulties and tensions.

Relationship – Learn to forget the past, don’t hold on to it. Every moment changes and you must learn to go with the flow of life.

Career – Don’t share your ideas and don’t trust anyone blindly as you might get backstabbed from someone close.

Finance – You still need to sort out your financial matters.

Tarot message – Grab the opportunity that comes your way.

Lucky colors – Silver, Green

Lucky Nos –  2


Scorpio :

Health – Do not ignore your health as viral infection is indicated that might lead to hospitalization. Regular medical check-up is a must.

Relationship – With your positive attitude you may overcome all obstacles in your love life and move in a right direction.

Career – Avoid ego and arguments as it may lead to loss of job or business.

Finance – Do not take hasty decisions. Proper financial guidance would be required on major issues.

Tarot message – Be careful as an unexpected false acquisition is expected.

Lucky colors – Blue, Crimson

Lucky Nos – 7, 9


Sagittarius :

Health – There would be improvement in health. Pregnancy in the family could also be indicated.

Relationship – After a period of hardship, now is the right time to invest your time and energy in a relationship.

Career – Business matters which were stuck or professionals whose appraisals are pending shall receive good news.

Finance – The situation is not as difficult as it tends to be. Utilize your positive energies to overcome the stress.

Tarot message – Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Lucky colors – Navy Blue, Bottle Green

Lucky Nos – 2, 8


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