PREDICTIONS JULY 2024 BY : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of July 2024, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions.




Health – Focus on your health so that your positive energies can relieve you from mental stress. Meditate regularly.
Relationship – With your positive attitude and mental strength you shall overcome all difficulties in your love life.
Career – New opportunities with regards to job, business projects and new ventures are indicated.
Finance – Focus will be on resolving certain financial legal issues. Need to seek professional advice before taking any major step.
Tarot message – An outing with your loved one is indicated.
Lucky colors – Black, Green
Lucky Nos – 5, 8


Aquarius :

Health – You shall overcome your health issues with your positive thinking and with the blessings of universe.
Relationship – Love life would be stable but you would yearn for more. Just move with the flow.
Career – Avoid arguments with your seniors or colleagues otherwise you will be at fault.
Finance – Good funds are expected. Also finance related trip is indicated.
Tarot message – You need a break. Small vacation would be helpful.
Lucky colors – Yellow, Mauve
Lucky Nos – 3, 6


Pisces :

Health – Mental depression and insecurity could spoil your health. Utilize your positive energies and exercise regularly.
Relationship – There could be some insecurity and you could be unsure and even question the integrity of your relationship.
Career – Be careful as you might get stuck badly at your work place. Business partnership is not advisable.
Finance – Good time for new investments and gains.
Tarot message – New opportunity is indicated and it depends entirely on your intentions to carry it out your way.
Lucky colors – Pink, Brown
Lucky Nos – 1, 6


Aries :

Health – Good hygiene is important for staying healthy.
Relationship – Would be unstable due to lack of freedom. Need some space, put your best efforts to bring it back on a right track.
Career – A good work offer from a known person or from your past employer is indicated.
Finance – Be careful with your money as cheat or robbery is expected.
Tarot message – Time for celebration.
Lucky colors – Purple, Light Blue
Lucky Nos – 3, 6


Taurus :

Health – Do not ignore your health as viral infection is indicated that might lead to hospitalization. Regular medical check-up is a must.
Relationship – Don’t feel guilty about being responsible for the break up as it will be for the long term benefit of all concerned.
Career – New opportunity at work place is indicated. Try to grab it with your intelligence.
Finance – There is no point pouring more money into a particular project that is heading in the wrong direction.
Tarot message – Try not to be over confident or egoistic.
Lucky colors – Orange, Golden
Lucky Nos – 1, 9


Gemini :

Health – Proper diet, sleep and regular exercise is a must.
Relationship – Good news – engagement or marriage in the family is indicated.
Career – Need to seek proper guidance as you may find difficulty in choosing between your job and partnership offer.
Finance – You still need to sort out your financial matters.
Tarot message – Follow this motto – Try and try till you succeed.
Lucky colors – Maroon, Crimson
Lucky Nos – 1, 9



Health – Focus on your health so that your positive energies can relieve you from mental stress. Meditate regularly.
Relationship – Romance may go through a rocky patch. Handle it carefully as fear, doubt, isolation and insecurity can easily create
negativity in your relationship.
Career – Be optimistic when it comes to new opportunities related to job, business or enterprise.
Finance – After a period of suffering, you will find happiness. Good time to raise funds or invest in new projects.
Tarot message – Arguments on inheritance rights will only be upsetting.
Lucky colors – White, Peach
Lucky Nos – 2, 9


Leo :

Health – Would improve with your positive efforts. Avoid junk food and exercise regularly.
Relationship – Do not take any hasty decisions else you will be the sufferer and reason behind the separation.
Career – Good news is indicated with regards to promotion, increment or taking up of a new job or a new business.
Finance – Some good financial opportunity will come your way and you just need to grab it.
Tarot message – Beware of cheat and betray coming from a known person.
Lucky colors – Violet, Yellow
Lucky Nos – 3, 4


Virgo :

Health – Change of weather would be beneficial for your health.
Relationship – Keep moving ahead without any fear as your relationship is being protected by the universe.
Career – New opportunities are indicated. Just do not sign the documents without reading its terms and conditions.
Finance – New financial opportunities are coming your way. Utilise it wisely.
Tarot message – During travel always have an attitude of gratitude.
Lucky colors – Pink, Blue
Lucky Nos – 3, 7


Libra :

Health – Good improvement is indicated. Just be careful while travelling.
Relationship – After a period of hardship, now is the right time to invest your time and energy in a relationship.
Career – Use your moral strength, courage and power of conviction as your energy to face the challenging situations.
Finance – Delays would come to an end. Good time to release your energies in right direction.
Tarot message – New contacts and opportunities would be beneficial.
Lucky colors – Red, Grey, Silver
Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 8


Scorpio :

Health – For recovery complete bed rest would helpful.
Relationship – Face the situations boldly else you might be the loser.
Career – Avoid fights and quarrels at work place and just let go.
Finance – New projects, investments, funds, gains are on your way.
Tarot message – Be careful as an unexpected false acquisition is indicated.
Lucky colors – Orange, Light Green
Lucky Nos – 1, 7


Sagittarius :

Health – With your positive state of mind drastic improvement in health is indicated.
Relationship – New relations and useful contacts would be developed.
Career – Changes for betterment are indicated. Work hard to achieve your goals.
Finance – A new start as well as positive control on finance is indicated.
Tarot message – Take one step at a time.
Lucky colors – Red, Dark Blue
Lucky Nos – 1, 8


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