PREDICTIONS JUNE 2024 BY : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of June 2024, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions.




Health – Drastic improvement in health is indicated as test reports would be positive. Pregnancy in the family is indicated.
Relationship – Your love life could be tensed for a while but not to worry as new changes are indicated for the betterment.
Career – Business matters which were stuck or professionals whose appraisals are pending shall receive good news.
Finance – Not the right time for any kind of investment. Follow your inner sight and wait for the right time.
Tarot message – Grab the opportunity that comes your way.
Lucky colors – Black, Sky Blue, Crimson
Lucky Nos – 6, 8, 9


Aquarius :

Health – Proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and a good amount of sleep is a must to stabilize your health.
Relationship – End of bad phase and beginning of good phase is indicated as love knows no boundaries.
Career – Choose your field wisely by seeking professional guidance and let nothing distracts you from taking right decision.
Finance – Focus will be on resolving certain financial and legal issues. Need to seek professional advice and guidance before taking any
major step.
Tarot message – Not the right time for any kind of commitment or partnership.
Lucky colors – Pink, Green, Yellow
Lucky Nos – 4, 5, 6


Pisces :

Health – After a period of stress there would be stability. Work on your emotions as librans tend to be emotionally weak.
Relationship – Excess control on existing relationship may divert you to look out for something better.
Career – Good news is indicated with regards to promotion, increment or taking up of a new job or a new business.
Finance – Past experience would help you to understand and manage your finances wisely.
Tarot message – Stay away from quarrels and fights.
Lucky colors – Red, Violet, Brown
Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 4


Aries :

Health – You need to balance your health physically, mentally as well emotionally.
Relationship – Love blossoms. Socializing and spending quality time with your loved one is indicated.
Career – Work related travel would be successful. Promotion is also indicated.
Finance – Try not to deal in money transactions with family or close friends else you might end up being sufferer.
Tarot message – Express your creative talent in the protection of the universe.
Lucky colors – Purple, Green
Lucky Nos – 3, 5


Taurus :

Health – Be careful as miscarriage or an abortion is indicated. You need to come out from the negative zone and utilize positive energies.
Relationship – Love is in the air. Let go off your ego so that relations be stable.
Career – Changes for betterment are indicated. Work hard to achieve your goals.
Finance – Opportunities are on your way for new investments and business partnership.
Tarot message – Face the challenging situations in a positive way and the reward would come for persistence and efforts.
Lucky colors – Navy Blue, Offwhite
Lucky Nos – 2, 8


Gemini :

Health – With your positive energies you would be healed quickly.
Relationship – Self-control and will power would be required to overcome all obstacles in your love life as struggle and conflict between
partners are indicated.
Career – New directions and new goals are on the way.
Finance – Utilize your positive skills as you need to struggle hard to get results in your favor.
Tarot message – Be careful as an unexpected false acquisition is indicated.
Lucky colors – Cream, Light Blue
Lucky Nos – 2, 7



Health – Would be stable, pregnancy news or birth of a baby in the family is indicated.
Relationship – Domination could lead to conflict among partners. Avoid stubbornness and have patience.
Career – New opportunities with regards to job, business projects and new ventures are indicated.
Finance – Good amount of money could be spent either on vacation or on medication.
Tarot message – Learn to let go.
Lucky colors – Yellow, Orange
Lucky Nos – 1, 9


Leo :

Health – Avoid stress and spend time with your loved ones. Change of weather or place would be of great help.
Relationship – Ups and downs are indicated, handle tricky situations with patience. Visit to a marriage counselor would be helpful.
Career – New job and new business opportunities are indicated this month.
Finance – Keep your eyes open and balance your finance wisely.
Tarot message – Have patience and utilize your positive energies.
Lucky colors – Maroon, Green
Lucky Nos – 1, 5


Virgo :

Health – Do not neglect your health as tensions and worries could lead to mental depression. Meditation would be of great help.
Relationship – After a period of hardship, now is the right time to invest your time and energy in a relationship.
Career – Do not share your secrets with anyone and be careful while signing any contract or document as cheat is indicated.
Finance – There might be some delays in returns but not to worry as future success is assured.
Tarot message – Try not to take all the sorrows of the world on your shoulders.
Lucky colors – Yellow, Silver
Lucky Nos – 2, 3


Libra :

Health – Balance your health with proper diet and exercise.
Relationship – Best period for your love life and deepest desires. Romantic trip is indicated.
Career – Have patience and avoid arguments with your seniors or colleagues else you will be the sufferer.
Finance – Some good financial opportunity will come your way and you just need to grab it.
Tarot message – Abroad trip is indicated.
Lucky colors – Orange, Green, Golden
Lucky Nos – 1, 4, 5


Scorpio :

Health – Spend time with your loved ones to release emotional and mental stress.
Relationship – You do not need to feel guilty about being responsible for the break up as it will be for the long term benefit of all
Career – Struggle is indicated and you need to face some challenges with courage and enthusiasm. Maintain your positive attitude and
believe in yourself.
Finance – Need to seek professional advice and guidance before taking any major financial step.
Tarot message – Give some space to self and beware of addictions.
Lucky colors – Green, White
Lucky Nos – 5, 6


Sagittarius :

Health – You shall overcome your health issues with your positive thinking and with the blessings of universe.
Relationship – To protect and maintain your relationship, you need to seek the help of a marriage counselor.
Career – New direction in your field is expected. Business partnership is also indicated.
Finance – Learn from your past mistakes and manage your finance wisely.
Tarot message – Joyful trip is indicated.
Lucky colors – Brown, Yellow, Green
Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 4, 5


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