JNICSR Foundation is pleased to announce the official launch of JNICSR TIMES magazine Vol.3 Issue. 3. The much awaited magazine, was developed in cooperation with team of JNICSR. We offer rich and relevant content that reflects the Corporate Social Responsibility, personality and vivacity. JNICSR Times will be on the web at www.jnicsrtimes.com . The magazine was unveiled in New Delhi this morning, with full team and family of JNICSR Foundation.

This time JNICSR featuring a Cover Story on “The Big 3 of CSR” And introducing JNICSR following articles:

  1. Sunny Side Up : Modern Applications of Solar Energy
  2. We must believe in preserving our Cultural heritage : CSR can help in restoring the past glory & culture
  3. Rally for clean India campaign, CSR can be the powerhouse for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  4. Funding Technology Incubators is the new CSR initiative, Why not recognise and empower it?
  5. Amidst all problems, the foremost concern area is to resolve water crisis for rural development.
  6. Three years of CSR: Spending on the rise, yet hurdles remain

The visual and editorial quality of JNICSR Times is top-notch and its pages are inspired by the values and interests of Corporate Social Responsibility. The magazine’s style is elegant and sparkling, simple and contemporary, and creates an inviting world that has something for underprivileged and poor in every area of their lives. Readers will find special sections that include Cover Story, Article and Current updates of CSR.

“JNICSR Foundation is very proud to be associated with JNICSR Times, one of the most admired and respected CSR Magazine.

After hours and days of work, We can finally unveil our Vol.3 Issue.3 ! What a delight! Working on the Vol.3 Issue.3 was a highly enriching experience for us and we want to thank the fabulous team at JNICSR Times for their collaboration and support in this magnificent adventure.


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