PREDICTIONS JANUARY 2022 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

PREDICTIONS JANUARY 2022 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of January 2022, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions.




Health – There would be improvement in health. Pregnancy in the family could also be indicated.

Relationship – New contact or friendship would develop and this will grow into a steady relationship. Marriage in the family is also indicated.

Career – Be careful, not the right time for change over else you might later regret on your decision.

Finance – Be careful while signing any legal documents as risk would be involved.

Tarot message – Time for celebration !!

Lucky colorsWhite, Pink

Lucky Nos 2, 6


Aquarius :

Health – Be careful as miscarriage or an abortion in the family is indicated. You need to come out from negative zone and utilize your positive energies.

Relationship – Would be stable and secured. You just need to overcome possessiveness.

Career – Your decisions might not match with your boss or colleagues. Have patience and utilize your positive skills.

Finance – Invest wisely.  Do not sign any documents without going through its terms and conditions.

Tarot message – It’s time to celebrate as good news in the family is indicated.

Lucky colors – Purple, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 3, 4


Pisces :

Health – Drastic improvement in health is indicated. Health tests and reports shall be positive. Pregnancy is indicated. 

Relationship – You shall overcome all difficulties in your love life with your positive attitude and mental strength.

Career – A new start in a new direction will work out on your behalf. A change of fortune for the betterment is indicated.

Finance – Arguments about money and possessions will only be upsetting.

Tarot message – Be careful as an unexpected false acquisition is indicated.

Lucky colors – Red, Blue, Green, Black

Lucky Nos – 1, 6, 7, 8


Aries :

Health – Be careful as tensions, worries and mental depression could affect you badly. Try to be positive and have cheerful thoughts.  

Relationship – Be alert as cheat, betrayal and separation is indicated in your relationship.

Career – Would be stable and secured. You just need to open up with your skills.

Finance – Don’t be overconfident in taking financial decisions. Balance your personal and professional expenses wisely.

Tarot message – Release your energies towards your goal with an assurance that you will succeed.

Lucky colors – Brown, Green

Lucky Nos – 4, 5


Taurus :

Health – End of sufferings and beginning of recovery is indicated. Love and care from closed ones would be helpful.

Relationship – Love blossoms. Socializing and spending quality time with your loved one is indicated.

Career – Good period for artists, also name and fame is indicated along with the travel.

Finance – Wait for the right move as changes are indicated and you are advised to play safe with your finances.

Tarot message – Keep moving, just don’t give up

Lucky colors – Yellow, Orange, Silver

Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 9


Gemini :

Health – Will improve with your positive efforts. Take proper diet, exercise well and try not to ignore your health.

Relationship – Endings and new beginnings in relationships are expected. This experience may be difficult, painful and unavoidable but it is likely to make way for new opportunities in the future.

Career – Your job might be threatened or something that you own could be taken away or lost. So just be careful.

Finance – Arguments about money and possessions will only be upsetting.

Tarot message  – Good news is indicated. 

Lucky colors – Violet, Pink

Lucky Nos – 3, 6



Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which may later turn into major. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.

Relationship – Caring, sharing, romantic gifts, giving and receiving of love in a supportive relationship is indicated.

Career – Once you make a commitment at work then just go for it and don’t turn your back.

Finance – There is no point pouring more money, time and energy into a project that is heading in the wrong direction.

Tarot message – You can let your hair down, try whatever you want to do and express your creative talents.

Lucky colors – Offwhite, Mauve

Lucky Nos – 2, 3


Leo :

Health – Take proper diet, exercise well and avoid junk food. Try not to ignore your health.

Relationship – Would be unstable as you tend to invite troubles by cheating on your partner and finally getting trapped into it.

Career – New opportunities for new projects are indicated. Just don’t forget to go through its terms and conditions.

Finance – Bright renewal period is indicated and you can expect good returns.

Tarot message – Travel is on the cards.

Lucky colors – Red, Navy Blue

Lucky Nos – 1, 8


Virgo :

Health – Utilize positive energies that can release you from health issues, past difficulties and tensions. 

Relationship – You may find yourself leading a bonded life, just utilize your positive energies and face all the situations boldly. Use your intuition to liberate yourself.

Career – You might face two opposing forces creating imbalance in your career. Utilize your positive energies to think in the right direction.

Finance – With your hard work and efforts, financial conditions shall improve. Utilize money wisely.

Tarot message – Face the challenging situations in a positive way and the reward would come for persistence and efforts.

Lucky colors – Cream, Bottle Green

Lucky Nos – 2, 8


Libra :

Health – Bad dreams and insecurity could spoil your health. Meditation or yoga is a must.

Relationship – You just need to overcome possessiveness to maintain stable relations. 

Career – You might get a helping hand in your career. Do charity to the needy as per your capacity.

Finance – Delays would come to an end. Good time to release your energies in right direction.

Tarot message – New work opportunities are indicated. Handle them carefully.

Lucky colors – Brown, Pink

Lucky Nos –  4, 6


Scorpio :

Health – End of bad phase and beginning of new phase is indicated. Be careful while travelling.

Relationship – Past lover could re-enter in your life as renewal period in your love life is indicated.

Career – Avoid arguments with your seniors or colleagues otherwise you will be the sufferer.

Finance – Finances would be stable. Right time for investments and gains but at the same time do focus on your savings

Tarot message – Explore and keep moving on.

Lucky colors – Blue, Golden

Lucky Nos – 4, 6


Sagittarius :

Health – Would be stable but proper diet and regular exercise is a must.

Relationship – Cheat, betrayal or backstabbing is indicated. Clear out misunderstandings before it’s too late.

Career – Your past difficulties shall come to an end. Change of work and place both are indicated.

Finance – You can either invest in a new business or can get into business partnership as both would be favorable. 

Tarot message – Once you make a commitment then just go for it.

Lucky colors – Grey, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 2, 4


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