Life is Regime, Suicide is Crime

Human Life is precious. About 8 lac people commit suicide every year across the world, out of which almost 1 Lac 35 thousand people are Indians. The suicide rate is increasing every year.

As we know that suicide is a form of mental condition which gets triggered when a person is suffering from Depression, and Depression is a kind of condition which reflects lack of knowledge. More than 5 crore people are suffering from Depression in India.

Depression can be treated with the help of Indian Educational Methodolgy. If anyone is facing any such issues in life, he/she should try the below Depression Fighters –

  1. Take a glass of water. Add ½ tsp salt & ½ tsp sugar, mix it well and drink it.

Water Yoga – It will energize the brain and muscle power.

  1. Eat Indian seasonal fruits.

Fruit Yoga – It will help to clean blood and increase immunity power.

  1. Eat Indian seasonal food with lot of pure Desi Ghee in Roti & in Sabzi.

Ghee Yoga – It helps to fight against various diseases and Desi Ghee is one of the best lubricant as well as energizer for human body.

  1. Sleep more than 10 hours in a day.

Nidraa Yoga – It will refresh the whole body and relaxes brain.

  1. Sit in a meditation posture, close your eyes for 15 min.

Yoga – Dhyaan Position increases focus & concentration of brain.

  1. Check your Blood Group, Blood pressure and Blood sugar in your nearest Government Hospital.
  2. Drink Tea or Coffee in alternative days. (Don’t drink on daily basis)

JNICSR Foundation is Initiating a Campaign to reduce depression in Indian people and trying to resolve the issues relating this. Above teachings will also help human body to prevent from various cancer diseases. Kindly share your suggestions at [email protected] . Download Form

Those who really get benefited from these teachings, may deposit Rs. 501/- as donation or Guru Dakshina.

Protect Life, Stop Suicide 

Stop Suicide, People Civilize

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