Sustainable Development is the New-age development Approach

Sustainable Development is the New-age development Approach

A great deal of attention has been drawn into environment sustainability issues in the 21st century world. Humanity’s inability to co-exist in harmony with the natural environment and its species has led to life-threatening hazards. The abundant use of renewable and nonrenewable resources and the mismanagement of waste have led to depletion of several core resources, extinction of relatively high number of species of plants and animals, and tremendous increase in the pollution levels all over the world. (Moldan, B., Janoušková, S., & Hák, T (2012). The rapid growth in human population, consumption, and technological advancement is not matching with the environment improvements attained. (Vlek, C., & Steg, L. (2007).

Educational sector

Sustainability refers to that long run, where there is development without harming the environment ,so that the natural resources are passed  on to the future generations. Educational institutions now a days are giving great importance to function in a sustainable way to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Three hundred sixty students from London school of economics (LSE) participated in the “student switch-off” competition in the year 2014/15 where they were asked win the competition by saving electricity. This had helped save electricity up to 8.4% in that year. When it comes to transportation, LSE encourages students to use cycles rather than bringing cars to reduce its carbon footprint on the campus. (“Environment sustainability report”, 2014)


University of oxford has an excellent rating for the number of buildings assessed and approved by the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) making nearly 25 buildings on campus sustainable. The university also introduced the Green Impact award programme for individuals or groups who come up with ideas to reduce the environmental impact by the institution. (“Environment Sustainability report”, 2015).


Sustainability education is trending and several degree programs are introduced to educate individuals about sustainable development. (Sterling, S. (Ed.). (2010).This will give the next generation an insight about how to reduce carbon footprints and develop in a sustainable way without harming the environment. One of the main reasons of environmental degradation is the careless disposal of waste by households and citizens and it is important that changes have to be made at the base level for any long-term impact. (Sterling, S. (Ed.). (2010)



Changes are brought about in every sector to make the development process less harmful for the nature and more sustainable. However, the process of reviving natural resources will take substantial time. Earth is the only planet that can sustain humans and therefore it is crucial that the only way forward is to address environmental issues and take development hand in hand. Attaining environment sustainability can be a complex process. However, it is the only way forward to sustain life on this planet for future generations.   


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