PREDICTIONS NOVEMBER 2018 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

PREDICTIONS NOVEMBER 2018 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

Decisions! Decisions!Decisions!!!

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of November, 2018, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions and bask in all festivities this Diwali.


Capricorn :

Health Would remain stable. Pregnancy in family could be expected.

Relationship – Exchange of love and pleasure is indicated. Past lover could re-enter in your life. Renewal period in your love life.

Career – Use your moral strength, courage and power of conviction as your energy as you may face challenging situations.

Finance – Deal with your finances wisely and carefully as cheat or betrayal is indicated.

Tarot msg – Give some time to yourself and beware of addictions.

Lucky colors Red, White, Black

Lucky Nos 1, 6, 8


Aquarius :

Health – Focus on your health as your positive energies can relieve you from your mental stress. Meditate regularly.

Relationship – Love blossoms. You would socialize and spent quality time with your loved ones.

Career – Use your intelligence and knowledge to advantage and make rapid progress at work.

Finance – You shall get a helping hand and support in finances from near and dear ones.

Tarot message – You can let your hair down, try whatever you want to do and express your creative talents.

Lucky colors – Red, Pink, Blue, Peach

Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 6, 9

Pisces :

Health – Improvement in health. Pregnancy could also be indicated.

Relationship – Cheat, betrayal or backstabbing is indicated. Clear out misunderstandings before it’s too late.

Career – Time for celebration as promotion, increment in a job or business partnership is indicated.

Finance – Unexpected bad news is indicated with regards to bad debts, loses or theft. Be careful with money.

Tarot message – Charity would help you in paying off karmic debts..

Lucky colors – Violet, Cream, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 6


Aries :

Health – After a painful period, you need to pay more attention to your health. Control your anger and have patience. Take proper diet and exercise well.

Relationship Handle your relations carefully as there is a chance of a new passionate love affair which may side track you a bit.

Career – Your job might be threatened or something that you own could be stolen, taken away or lost.

Finance – Deal with your finances wisely and carefully as cheat or betrayal is indicated.

Tarot message – Avoid arguments at work place.

Lucky colors – Red, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 1

Taurus :

Health – Be careful while travelling as you are accident prone.

Relationship – Cheat, betrayal and separation is indicated in relationship.

Career – You might face two opposing forces creating imbalance in your career. Just utilize your positive energies to think in the right direction.

FinanceAfter a period of suffering or a failure, you will find happiness. Good time to raise funds or invest in new projects.

Tarot message – Have patience and don’t give up.

Lucky colors – Red, White

Lucky Nos – 1, 2

Gemini :

Health – Would be unstable as mental depression and insecurity may spoil your health. Utilize your positive energies. Exercise regularly.

Relationship – Not right time for any commitments as your relations might not get approved by the family members.

Career You may take a leave from work due to stress. Guidance would be required.

FinanceGood time for entering into a partnership, new investments and gains.

Tarot message – Maintain material and emotional security.

Lucky colors – Yellow, Pink, Orange

Lucky Nos – 4, 6, 9

Cancer :

Health – Those who have suffered in the past will find drastic positive change in their health.

Relationship After hardships, you look forward to a better future with your positive attitude. Don’t give up.

Career – New opportunities with regards to job or business projects are indicated. You need to adjust with it. Just remember Boss is always right.

Finance – Financial targets have been reached and friends from all over wants to celebrate with you.

Tarot message – You shall be guided by both intuition and foresight.

Lucky colors – Yellow, Green

Lucky Nos – 2, 4


Leo :

Health – Pay attention to your health as ignoring minor issues could lead to major problems in future. Be emotionally strong and take a proper diet.

Relationship – Love is in the air. New relations could be developed but without any commitments.

Career – You need to seek guidance from some elderly person at work. Have patience and take decisions wisely.

Finance Investment in a new business or business partnership would be beneficial.

Tarot message – Have patience and don’t give up.

Lucky colors – Mauve, Crimson, Brown, Golden

Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 4, 9

Virgo :

Health – Drastic improvement is indicated. A small vacation or change of place could be of great help.

Relationship Waiting period in your love life but not to give up. Just be positive and work hard on your goals

Career – New opportunities and changes are indicated related to work. Business partnership is also expected.

FinanceBe careful with your money transactions as cheat or betrayal is indicated.

Tarot msg – You shall be guided by both intuition and foresight.

Lucky colors – Red, Orange, Blue

Lucky Nos – 4, 6, 9

Libra :

Health – Proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and good sleep is a must to stabilize your health.

Relationship – Your love life could be tensed for a while but not to worry as new changes are indicated for betterment. Just be positive.

Career – Good period for artists, also name and fame is indicated along with work travel.

Finance Be careful while dealing with finances as risk would be involved. Don’t rush, take one step at a time.

Tarot message – New life style is on your way.

Lucky colors – Red, Grey, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 1, 2, 4

Scorpio :

Health – Be careful as accident, surgery or hospitalization is indicated in your family.

Relationship – May find hard time to choose your right partner as you might get stuck in your fantasies. Take your time & don’t take hasty decisions.

Career – Hard time in your career, have patience and don’t stress yourself. Take a break but do not give up, as success is assured in future.

FinanceInvestment in a new business or business partnership would be beneficial.

Tarot message – Travel with your loved ones is on the cards.

Lucky colors – Grey, Brown

Lucky Nos – 4

Sagittarius :

Health – Take good care of your health. Also some family member may require serious attention.

Relationship New relations could be developed and past problems shall come to an end.

Career – A new start in a new direction will work out on your behalf. A change of fortune for the better is indicated.

FinanceGood profits are expected in business. Increment at job is also indicated. Time for investments.

Tarot message – Utilize your positive energies to the best.

Lucky colors – Yellow, Pink

Lucky Nos – 1, 3. 4


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