PREDICTIONS DECEMBER 2019 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

PREDICTIONS DECEMBER 2019 By : Dr Jyoti Jhangiani

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!!!

We have plentiful to make!!! What if we knew our future, knew what was good and bad for us, knew which venture to put our money on and which to ignore, knew what will reap benefits and what won’t!!!

Presenting the astrological predictions for the month of December, 2019, by the famous celebrity international numerologist, Reiki grandmaster and acclaimed tarot reader, Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani who will give you the astrological readings based on your sun sign.

So decide and design your future !!! Make the best of these predictions.


Capricorn :

Health – Try not to get surrounded by negative energies, to overcome, just utilize your positive energies.

Relationship – Be alert as cheat, betrayal and separation is indicated in relationship.

Career – Hard time in your career, have patience and don’t stress yourself. Take a break but do not give up.

Finance – New financial opportunities are indicated. Right time for new ventures, investments, gains etc.

Tarot message – Let go off your ego.

Lucky colors Red, Yellow

Lucky Nos 1


Aquarius :

Health – A visit to a dentist is indicated. Also you might get affected with chest or lung infection.

Relationship – Romance would be passionate and you also tend to spend quality time with your loved ones. Marriage is on the cards.

Career – Mutual respect between colleagues or partners is a must. You are likely to get two offers at a time. Try not to be over confident and do take decisions patiently and wisely.

Finance – Time for investments and gains.

Tarot message – Help and support in difficult times from a well-wisher is indicated.

Lucky colors – Grey, Green

Lucky Nos – 4, 5

Pisces :

Health – Pay attention to your health. Strong will power would help you towards quick recovery. And yes be careful while travelling.

Relationship – Would be unstable as you tend to invite troubles by cheating on your partner and finally getting trapped into it.

Career – Have patience and try to sort out minor issues before it leads to major problems. Fights, quarrels or arguments are indicated with your seniors and colleagues at work place.

Finance – Would be stable. Good time for investments, partnerships and gains.

Tarot message – Play safe with your finances & focus on savings.

Lucky colors – White, Yellow

Lucky Nos – 1, 7


Aries :

Health – Those who have suffered in the past will find drastic positive change in their health.

Relationship New relations would develop. Singles may find their match. Engagement or marriage in the family is also indicated.

Career – New good opportunities are indicated related to job, business and enterprise. Be optimistic.

Finance – Invest wisely. Don’t sign any documents without going through its terms and conditions.

Tarot message – As you sow, so shall you reap.

Lucky colors – Cream, Pink

Lucky Nos – 2, 6

Taurus :

Health – Positive attitude can only bring bright changes & happiness to your ill-health. Exercise well and take a proper diet.

Relationship – Hey don’t rush, just take a break and wait for the right time as some secrets are yet to be revealed.

Career – No matter how much you try, you need to wait for the results. Be positive and don’t give up.

FinanceFinancial targets have been reached and friends from all over wants to celebrate with you.

Tarot message – A romantic outing is indicated.

Lucky colors – Silver, Purple

Lucky Nos – 2, 3

Gemini :

Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which may turn into major problems. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.

Relationship – Let go off your past and move forward with a positive approach. New relationships are indicated.

Career Little tough period is expected so you need to struggle hard for achieving your targets. But don’t give up as this would be a temporary phase.

FinanceWould be stable. Time for investments and gains.

Tarot message – This is a time for reassessing your past and preparing for the future.

Lucky colors – Off white, Brown, Crimson

Lucky Nos – 2, 4, 9

Cancer :

Health – Good hygiene is important for staying healthy.

Relationship Caring, sharing, romantic gifts are expected. Basically giving and receiving of love in a supportive relationship is indicated.

Career – Your creative skills and hard work would be appreciated and recognized. Just don’t get over occupied.

Finance – Be careful with your investments & decisions or else you might end up with regrets.

Tarot message – A bright renewal period is indicated in your life.

Lucky colors – Grey, Black

Lucky Nos – 4, 8


Leo :

Health – Need to seek doctor’s help. But not to worry much as your health issues would be resolved one by one.

Relationship – Romance may go through a rocky patch. Fear, doubt, isolation and insecurity will create negativity in your relationship. Handle it carefully and just be positive.

Career – Need to seek professional advice before taking any major decision. Your problems would be resolved one by one.

Finance Money would be spent lavishly on socializing and travelling.

Tarot message – Don’t take hasty decisions as your views and opinion might differ from others.

Lucky colors – Silver, Violet, Green, Peach

Lucky Nos – 2, 3, 5, 9

Virgo :

Health – Reports shall be positive and pregnancy could be indicated.

Relationship Waiting period in your love life but not to give up. Just be positive and work hard on your goals.

Career – Use intelligence and knowledge to your advantage and make rapid progress at work.

FinanceGood profits are expected in business. Increment at job is indicated. Time for investments.

Tarot msg – New business opportunities are indicated. Handle them carefully.

Lucky colors – Mauve, Red

Lucky Nos – 3, 9

Libra :

Health – Do not ignore minor health issues which may turn into major problems. Some elderly person in your home needs proper attention.

Relationship – Singles may find their soul mates & married may get good news as an addition in the family.

Career – Would be unstable as unexpecting bad news or false blame is indicated. Not the right time for switch over of work.

Finance Some good financial opportunity will come your way and you just need to grab it.

Tarot message – Engagement or marriage in the family is indicated.

Lucky colors – Yellow, Blue

Lucky Nos – 1, 4, 7

Scorpio :

Health – Past difficulties and struggle in your health will come to an end and you will be relieved from your mental worries.

Relationship – Recognize your responsibilities and have control on desires. Balance your relations carefully.

Career – New work opportunities are indicated. Use your intelligence and knowledge to advantage and make rapid progress at work.

FinanceArguments about money and possessions will only be upsetting.

Tarot message – Release your energies towards your goal with an assurance that you will succeed.

Lucky colors – Yellow, White, Green

Lucky Nos – 1, 5

Sagittarius :

Health – Pay attention to your health as over stress and worries could spoil your physical as well as mental health.

Relationship Temporary separation is indicated with your partner. It’s time to rethink of your own needs.

Career – Hard work, efforts and patience will be rewarded. Work related travel would be successful.

FinanceGains are indicated through travel but at the same time risk will be involved. Pay attention to your long term goals while taking decisions.

Tarot message – Your emotions can screw up your decisions. Wake up..!!

Lucky colors – Red, Pink, Orange

Lucky Nos – 1, 3, 9


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