Endeavour to save water by Robotics experts

Endeavour to save water by Robotics experts

Team Livewires & Team G Force in effort to save water for future generation have used their robotics expertise for the benefit of the society.

Both teams have cleared the Regionals & National Championships in India by winning titles :-

  • Live-Wires team stood first in the Mumbai Regionals with the Best Robot Design award and the Best Robot Performance award.
  • Team G-Force stood 2nd and Team Live-Wires stood 3rd in Nationals.
  • Team G-Force won Core-Value Award at the Nationals and have now qualified for the World First Lego League to be hosted in Estonia – Tallinn from June 6th to June 8th 2018. Both the teams as part of their Community Service have researched and identified problems with respect to “Conserving Water” as a grave concern for the future of mankind. The teams in line with this theme have identified and implemented low cost retro fit solutions to not only save water but also ensured awareness & implemented water saving solutions in 50 residential / commercial societies in Mumbai covering 1200 apartments.

While doing the above Community Service, as part of their project, these teams have developed Robotic prototypes by researching extensively, conducting site visits and speaking to the Mumbai Municipality Departments and various other professionals to help understand how water is received in Mumbai, transported, used or disposed and how they can work out a solution to avoid water wastage.

Team Livewires Team GForce in action


Lego robotic enthusiasts, Team Live-Wires has been working on a sensor-based prototype Flexi-Flush to reduce the amount of water flushed down the drain. Sensors will estimate the amount of waste disposed in a commode, and flush only proportionate amount of water. Very little water will be flushed for pee, and proportionately more for poop. Thus, saving water, a very precious resource.

The Flexi-Flush idea has the potential to be developed into a working technology with guidance from engineers. It can be retrofitted easily on existing commodes in residences. Flexi Flush saves minimum 6 litres per flush.

Our research enthusiasts, Team GForce has been working with BMC to make wireless transmitter receiver based bot with a night vision camera to detect leakage in underground pipes. This Bot has a 360 degree camera for complete view of pipe interior, it can map the pipe upto 1 Km radius and can be retrieved back to origin at the click of a button.

The Water Geek, is an improvised version of current system used by BMC and helps it, to not only locate the exact point of leakage but also collect samples of contaminated water.

Both teams have campaigned extensively to save water and they are still work towards making Mumbai city Water Positive .


WATERMAN – Overhead Tank Sensor

You need to place filled bottles of water in the flush tank to reduce the amount of water flushed every time Sensors placed in overhead tanks of buildings to stop it from overflowing, when watchman forgets to close it.

They are training with a Robotics Institute On My Own Technology. You can contact us at 022-66999120/ 26339263/ 7045200303 to help you change the WORLD WATER POSITIVE.

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G Force https://www.facebook.com/g.force.1044

Live Wires

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